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Christian Muschick


Christian Muschick

Mauerkircherstraße 31

81679 München


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Christian Muschick - Turnaround Seeker


Christian Muschick is the initiator and managing director of Navigator Capital. Christian started his career in strategy consulting before moving into investment banking.


During his time as Industry Head financial services and later as Deputy Head of Research and COO of Silvia Quandt Research GmbH he gained reputation as one of Germany’s most recognised sector experts and supported numerous companies in capital markets related projects.


Christian moved into private equity in 2013 when he joined the founding team of Callista Private Equity as Investment Manager and later was awarded Partnership. Until 2016 he managed the deal sourcing team and headed carve-out and restructuring projects in Germany and France.


In 2016 he decided to start Navigator Capital as a private equity partnership focused on turnaround situations.